Members Photos Members Photos Port Isaac By Jacx 90613330 Cat in the Bag By Jacx 90613331 Fishing off Half penny pier By Jacx 90613332 where's that fish By June 87883003 Nosey parker Smudge loves to people watch, often sits watching the world go by By Jacx 90615688 CJ CJ is the quiet comtemplative one and often sits watching what Smudge is up to. By Jacx 90615689 Picollomini Library, Duomo Siena Untouched for 500 years. In my opinion more dramatic than the Cistine Chapel !. by D.Ager 91708077 Tuscan Wall Plaques by D.Ager 91708080 Piensa Doll by D.Ager 91708081 D.J. PORTRAIT 101188656 Italian Toy Beads by D. Ager 91708085 Rome by D.Ager 91708086 Siena Duomo by D.Ager 91708321 Wall plaques / masques by D.Ager 91708324 Italian Cherries by D.Ager 91708328 The Pantheon, Rome Stunning Architecture inside but very drab outside. by D.Ager 91708329 Bee Orchid Photographed at Brickfield Ponds Site in Great Wakering 91801993 Pyramidal Orchid Photographed at Brickfield Ponds Site in Great Wakering 91801994 Six-spot Burnet Moth Caterpillar Early stages of the Cocoon 91801996 Mating Six-spot Burnet Moths Photographed at Brickfield Ponds Site in Great Wakering. There is a thriving colony of these moths at this site and all stages of it's life cycle can be seen during June and July. 91801997 Stained Glass, Montacute House by D.Ager 92339615 Umbrellas, Barrington Court A "sculpture" as part of a female gardeners exhibition ?, by D.Ager 92339626 Lacock Village Church by D.Ager 92339628 Bedraggled owl chick. by D.Ager 92339629 unknown plant, Wisley. by D.Ager 92339630 Hibiscus by D.Ager 92339631 Buckland Abbey The Home of Sir Francis Drake 98683290 Storm Lyme Regis Cobb 2 More fantastic waves 98683292 Storm Lyme Regis - sheltered waters Inside the sheltered bay the waves were still huge 98683295 Knights Templar A very nice watering hole on our day out in London. 106081313 Kiss Krazy Clactonian 103363799 Across the Axe Valley Taken with 70 - 300 mm lens @ 300mm across the Axe river valley. 98691285 I See My Vines Mercurey, Cotes Chalonnaise, Burgundy 103732619 Bric-a-Brac 103365007 Girl In A Bubble 103981545 Still Motion Up the Axe river Sept 12th. Lovely afternoon. ND filter to give the water its satin 'feel'. 98691286 The Promise of Things to Come 103732620 North Devon cove Sandie Radford 107173836 Fungi Mick Stocks 112512459 Hot pink 114993651 Thetford Forest Sandie Radford 108696308 Beach Balls 103732621 Whispers tell lies Listen, i've got an idea. Mick Stocks 112512460 Snow scene from Colchester June 108555029 Trash Mick Stocks 112512461 Re-cycling? Sandie Radford On along walk through the Dorset countryside, and came across this propped up outside a farm. 108696310 Me Julie init Mick Stocks 112512462 Dorset village church Sandie Radford 108696311 Doggy driver Sandie Radford 108696312 North Devon Sandie Radford 108696313 Me boyfriend init Mick Stocks 112512463 Sunset over Turgetreis beach, Turkey. 108697638 Barley & Bronson Sandie Radford Not a great photo as taken with my mobile, but just love this one of our retriever Barley taking her friend Bronson for a walk. 108697984 The Photographer 162367522 Smooth Sailing I was on vacation the week of Dec. 13, 2010 and could not pass up this opportunity to take pictures. We were in Calica, Mexico. Beauty was all around. 110755525 Hannah and the love of her life Coco 115623755 sunset at Wivenhoe 127133173 South Africa Me On Safari In South Africa. 138557612 Cruise Ship @ Whittier Cruise Ship In Alaska 138557614 Halfpenny Pier Harwich Looks so different at night 138602401 Halfpenny Pier Harwich 138602402